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Call (254) 274-3866 to get help immediately! Drug dependency can ruin lives; it makes people feel cornered by shame and guilt. We know that lives can be turned around and we want to assist people to become free of the shame and negative emotions that drug addiction feeds on. Just like cancer, drug dependency has been scientifically proven to be an illness. The skilled professionals at rehab centers specialize in treatments for drug and alcohol dependency, making sure that their clients get the best level of care. If you are in the Killeen, TX area, we want to serve you. Call us today.

For most people, substance abuse starts as a casual occurrence, but they soon realize that the amount they’re taking, and the frequency, is increasing. When substance abuse increases in quantity and frequency, it becomes more difficult to function without the drug because the addict fears the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Treatment centers address substance dependency, which is the physical or psychological dependence that develops in response to abuse of legal and illegal abuse. Psychological dependency generally takes longer to form, and longer to treat, and occurs when the user feels that they need the drug to feel happy or normal, and the thought of not having the ability to acquire or use the drug causes stress and anxiety. Physical dependency happens if continual substance abuse disturbs the way nerve cells in the brain communicate pleasure, so that the only way to receive pleasure-giving brain signals is to use drugs.

What is Rehabilitation?

To deal with addiction effectively and comprehensively, it is very important to address both the physical and psychological dependence on drugs. To help end their suffering, addicts need a skilled, passionate staff of individuals who have the knowledge and patience to work with them. Addiction treatment programs are so effective since they include, group and individual counseling, structured physical activities, access to the 12-step community, a knowledgeable and supportive aftercare team, and lovely, luxurious affordable housing.

Drug rehab programs are also designed in accordance with each client’s individual requirements to provide them with the best opportunity for success. They are able to find healthy and reasonably priced answers for everyone because they employ several effective, fact-based treatments. In rehab, or rehabilitation, a person withdraws from their drug of dependency, participates in various kinds of therapy and behavioral changes that help them acknowledge their issues, analyzes their reasons for using, learns to avoid relapses and temptation. Usually, drug rehab centers have a group of recovery experts responsible for the many different aspects of recovery, such as, evaluation, medical care, counseling, education, lifestyle skills training, drug and alcohol testing, relapse prevention training, introduction to self-help and support groups, treatment of mental and emotional problems, family education and counseling, follow-up care.

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